Driven By Perfection

Every Zeelander is a Piece of Art

Established in the Netherlands in 2003, Zeelander creates high-end motor yachts that marry form and function to perfection and perform to the highest possible standard. Every Zeelander is a piece of art, created for connoisseurs of life who understand what it takes to create the very best.

redefining cutting edge

An evolution of timeless design

Zeelander Yachts was founded in 2003 in the Netherlands by Sietse Koopmans. This tireless entrepreneur and inveterate sailor decided to create a sports cruiser design driven by boating experience alone. The yachts he had in mind would redefine the cutting edge, using the highest quality materials inside and out. The boat had to be composed of curved surfaces so that, regardless of which angle the sun shined on the hull, you’d see something new and inviting. A Zeelander yacht is a timeless icon for individuals who are prepared to invest in the very best.

Boat Models


Drive your desire

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The Zeelander 5 is not just all appearance and no substance, though; this spellbinding yacht also delivers improved functionality. Its side-boarding doors and passarelle allow easy entry, while the full walk-around cockpit gives access to the iconic Zeelander swim platform. And most importantly, the Zeelander 5 can be opened up for the summer months with an electronically operated sunroof and retractable sliding window aft, or sealed off for cool winter cruises.

The Zeelander 5 is broader in the beam, which offers many benefits. There is greater volume below, naturally, but also better hydrodynamics and cruising characteristics. And the Zeelander yard has one of the best names in the business when it comes to sound and vibration proofing. Running at full throttle, the boat makes an easy 45 knots, but all you’ll hear is the sound of the wake astern. Riding at anchor, the generator and aircon produce just 46dB – literally whisper quiet. While at full speed, the noise level is only 70dB – like water running down a gentle creek.


Awaken the senses

Iconic lines. Masterful layout. Elegant design. For connoisseurs of life who know what it takes to create the very best. The Zeelander 6 is the embodiment of the perfect weekend getaway, where every soft, evocative curve welcomes a sense of ease.

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The Pinnacle of Ability

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Lithe curves and elegant grace, soaring across the water, The Zeelander 7 is an iconic and enduring interpretation of the modern motor yacht – an evolution of timeless design. The Zeelander 7 soothes the soul and caresses the senses.


Majesty Beyond Boundaries

Gracefully gliding over the waves, the Zeelander 8 embodies an enchanting blend of sleek contours and refined elegance, marking a new chapter in the legacy of modern motor yachts. As Zeelander’s latest masterpiece, it presents a harmonious fusion of enduring design and contemporary sophistication.

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