Dream Big, Pack Small

Stowed in 2 bags, the Tiwal 2 and Tiwal 3 inflatable sailboats are easy to transport by car, boat or airplane! Unroll, inflate, clip together… and sail! Assembly is fast and tool-free.

your sailing dinghy that fits in 2 bags

The Tiwal is very easy to learn to use. Its sailing qualities provide great sensations. Very responsive, stable and comfortable in light winds, Tiwal is dynamic in more sporty conditions. And when it takes off, gliding across the water, it’ll simply blow you away!Whether single-handed, with family or friends, Tiwal is the ideal lightweight dinghy to share the pleasures of sailing and go on an escapade at sea or on the lake.

Boat Models

Tiwal 2

The Compact

Sail however you want, the Tiwal 2 will adapt. Single-handed, one adult and a child, two children. Its round scow-shaped bow adds volume up front and makes the boat particularly easy to helm. Its inflatable wings provide additional lateral stability when under way. The Tiwal 2 is a small sailboat that has all the features of a big one, with reactive and playful behavior on the water.

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The Family Sailing Dinghy

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The Tiwal 2L sailing dinghy was designed by Marion Excoffon to allow your whole family to have fun on the water together, or by yourself. The design of the Tiwal 2 is a clear reflection of this enjoyable and reassuring atmosphere with its bright color and rounded shapes. It promises unforgettable adventures that will bring together sailors young and old. The simplicity of its appearance is made possible by the innovative technology used in its construction. This is a real boat carefully produced in our workshop according to our industrial manufacturing criteria. It is a new class of sailing dinghy.

Tiwal 3

The Versatile

The Tiwal 3 sailboat brings new ergonomics to sailing dinghies with its inflatable hull (but rigid when under way), its clear deck, simplified controls and finally a boomless sail. The result? Maximum fun for playing with the wind and water. It even has optional foam protectors on the wings for even more comfort when hiking out. It makes both single and double-handed sailing easy and enjoyable.

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Tiwal 3R

Racing Sailing Dinghy

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The Tiwal 3R is a supercharged dinghy that is easy to sail. It accelerates in the slightest breeze and has all the power you need to move to the next patch of air whilst maintaining your speed. It quickly gets up on the plane, and plays with all the elements, whether at sea or on the lake. At sea, it is a pleasure to be on your boat and ride the swell, descending the wave and accelerating in the surf. Breathe easy, it is euphoric.

The Tiwal 3R has excellent seaworthiness, even in heavier weather. It points well upwind and tacks in its own length. The boat combines lightness and responsiveness for an exceptional onboard experience. Have fun, you are in charge!

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