Experts in sustainable mooring solutions

We have conceived, designed, tested, and perfected our Seafloatech Pod®, a sustainable and reversible mooring system for all types of pontoons and vessels, and offering exceptional safety and comfort for all users. 
Armed with our in-depth knowledge of the sea, oceans, harbours, marinas and coastal preservation, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of marine floating modules for recreational, leisure, industrial and military use. 

safety and sustainability

Our team is composed of highly qualified engineers, specialists in hydraulics and the oceans, marine surveyors, sailors and captains who share the same passion for the seas.
Collaborative work and our desire for precision have enabled us to develop mathematical models, which are verified and tested in tanks before being implemented in reality. We offer our customers products which are reliable, secure and adapted to their specific requirements. 


Seafloatech Pod

Anchoring System & Bottom/Surface Interface

Anchoring system and bottom/surface interface that reduces the turning radius, stabilizes the surface module with a very small ecological footprint and is totally reversible.

The Seafloatech Pod has been awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation label, which recognizes 1000 solutions that are good for the planet.


Comfort at Sea


Specially designed for comfortable mooring on the open sea and/or in windy areas with strong currents (rivers, etc.), FISHBONE modules are ridged platforms designed to accommodate 8 or more boats.

Attached to the SEAFLOATECH POD, this module will always face the elements and adapt to variations in water level. The SEAFLOATECH POD is available in a wide range of versions to suit different locations, customer requirements and boat sizes.

Mooring C

Designed for comfortable mooring in protected areas such as lakes, lagoons and enclosed waters, our MOORING C platforms are designed to accommodate from 4 to 16 boats, ranging in size from 6 to over 20 meters.

It can be adapted to your needs and expectations, and adjusted to the size of the boats it will accommodate. It’s a module that’s easy to optimize according to each customer’s wishes.

Mooring P

Specially designed for comfortable mooring in areas with wind and/or current flows, our Mooring P platforms can accommodate from 1 to several boats.

Attached to the SEAFLOATECH POD, this module will always face the elements and adapt to variations in water level. The SEAFLOATECH POD is available in a wide range of versions to suit different locations, customer requirements and boat sizes.

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Comfort at Sea

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Floating House

From a single-family home to a complex hotel complex, our eco-friendly, comfortable Floating Houses have been designed in collaboration with the Metropolis architectural firm. We are committed to ensuring that these homes are totally self-sufficient in energy and water recycling, and can be built anywhere in the world using a variety of materials. Anchoring on a Seafloatech Pod, whatever the number of units, brings unrivalled comfort to the whole.

As Seafloatech is committed to the fight against climate change, Floating Houses are destined to become the future of housing. Its interlocking modules offer flexibility in the layout and design of these homes.


Landing Pad at Sea

Seafloatech Tech-Pad

Seafloatech Tech Pads are modules designed and conceived to accommodate activities such as: beaches, restaurants, stands, hotels, helipads, etc… Each project is studied by a complementary college of engineers to optimize the customer’s needs with sustainability and ecology in mind.Facing the elements at all times, this module is equipped with a breakwater at the front to guarantee greater safety and stability, especially during storms or in the presence of strong currents and winds. What’s more, its mooring to a Seafloatech Pod gives it greater manoeuvring flexibility in unfavourable weather conditions.
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Faced with the demand for beaches/restaurants due to demographic pressure, we wanted to respond with an innovative approach. On a float conceived and designed by Seafloatech, we collaborate with architectural firms to propose beaches/restaurants in line with current trends. The Seafloatech Delta below was designed in collaboration with Saint-Tropez beach specialist Allain Chauvet. The beach/restaurant concept emerged as the ideal solution for seaside communities and hotels that have no real beaches, are inaccessible or too small to exploit.

The rectangular and circular models were designed in collaboration with Metropolis for a beach in Sochi. Although the module may look impressive, it is attached using a single Seafloatech Pod, as each Pod is sized and therefore adapted to suit what it is to moor. The architecture of the beach/restaurant modules is different, depending on the needs of each and their location.

Harbour Station

Specially designed for reception areas in front of marinas, Seafloatech has designed units for service stations, stores and fuel stations. Overcrowding in marinas calls for a decentralized reception area to optimize operations.

The Harbour Station is a platform designed to accommodate all types of installations for the purpose of enlarging and developing harbors and their exteriors. Its shape and size can be adapted and integrated to suit environmental and architectural constraints.


Luxury Floating Stations

Seafloatech Leisure

Whether it’s for a wellness base (spa, yoga) or a station capable of accommodating up to 10 jet-skis and guest equipment, near a water sport area, or a KITE base, each has a design specifically adapted to their activities. Their comfort and safety are assured by anchoring on a Seafloatech Pod.

The offshore jet-ski base lets you store your jet-skis and send them off safely, without interfering with beach activities.

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The S-DIVING platform, attached to the Seafloatech Pod, has many advantages. Its visibility is far superior to that of a dive boat.

Divers can tie up to it in complete safety. The dive begins and ends at the pool with a strong underwater signal from the Seafloatech Pod. This is a great asset for holding stops on deep or long dives. The pod can be fitted with changing rooms, sanitary facilities and a safety chamber.


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