Saxdor builds boats you haven't seen before.

The Saxdor 200 SPORT is a 20ft outboard powered personal speedboat that proves low cost boating doesn’t mean compromising quality, sea-keeping, versatility, performance or sexy styling.

never a dull moment!

Saxdor builds boats you haven’t seen before. The team of designers are free to dream up new concepts without the limitations of an old brand. Saxdor’s Head of Design, Sakari Mattila, has a track record of creating category-defining boats from Aquador to Axopar. Never a dull moment there, nor in the future.

Outboard motors are now more powerful, efficient, and better looking than just a couple of years ago. Saxdor matches those magnificent engines with boats that give you both adrenaline, and confidence. Saxdor builds boats for you to enjoy life, to enjoy boating, to worry less. You will always get a bigger, better performing, and a more stylish boat than the price tag would suggest.

Boat Models

Saxdor boats are designed to match the latest outboard engines – the fastest developing area in boating. The mission of the company is “to make your day” with more stunning boats than the price tag would suggest. The company is free to execute its vision without the limitations of an old brand.


Combining the simplicity of a jet ski with the comfort of a compact boat.

The Saxdor 200 SPORT is a 20ft outboard powered personal watercraft that proves affordable boating doesn’t mean compromising quality, seakeeping, versatility, performance or sexy styling. It’s a personal watercraft that combines the convenience and ease of use of a jet ski, with the safety and comfort of a compact boat

Powered by a 100hp Mercury engine, the scooter’s attractively low starting price makes it an accessible option to both beginner boaters as well as more seasoned ones. Its combination of compact dimensions, lightweight construction, cutting-edge design, and high-quality finish will also make it a very appealing option as a rugged and practical superyacht tender.


The Saxdor 205 is the All-In Explorer

Saxdor 205 is the revamped version of the SX200. Playful like its older sibling, the 205 is also more suitable for family use thanks to its genius layout and options. It’s safe yet fun day cruiser for an active lifestyle!

Engineered to excel in all conditions, the Saxdor 205 transitions seamlessly from a light and agile vessel in tranquil waters to a resilient and powerful performer when facing rough seas. Its thoughtfully designed and constructed vacuum-infused hull results in superior performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.


Two Engines with the Price of One

Saxdor 270 GT proudly stands as a finalist in the ‘Best for Fun’ category at the esteemed Best of Boats Award 2023. With twin sunbeds – one in the front and one in the aft — you’ll have more than enough room under the sun to kick back and relax whenever needed.

Designed with a twin step hull and sharp 20-degree deadrise angle, the Saxdor 270 GT gives an efficient and nimble performance on the water. This design is integral to the boat’s exceptional drivability and cuts through the waves with minimal resistance.


Two Engines with the Price of One

The Saxdor 270 GTO delivers speed performance and fuel efficiency well-known from the earlier models. Designed with a distinctive twin-step hull and sharp 20-degree deadrise angle, the Saxdor 270 GTO promises an efficient and elegant performance on the water, making it a standout in its class.

Saxdor 270 GTO – the only model in its class with the option of twin engines – is now available with 2 x Mercury V6 200 hp engines at the price of one Mercury V8.



For the Most Fun in the Sun

The GT is made for people who love to spend countless hours under the sun. And yes, you can escape to the roomy cabin when needed. Crafted for unmatched comfort, the 320 GT delivers an exhilarating, enjoyable, smooth, dry, and effortlessly maneuverable ride.

Maximum power comes from twin 300 hp Mercurys. 320 GT will achieve a top speed of well over 50 knots with an optimum cruising band between 20 and 40 knots. The single V8 engine with 300 hp provides a 40-knot top speed with cruising speed close to 30 knots.



The All-Weather Machine

The Saxdor 320 GTC drives like no other because of its refined, economic and performance-oriented hull design. A low center of gravity, low weight, sharp entry, and a twin stepped hull create a unique driving experience in all kinds of seas and weathers across the world.

Saxdor 320 GTC changes the game of movement on board. With its unique concept of a full beam spacious wheelhouse with easy access to the walk-around bow, movement onboard has never been this easy. Saxdor believes in the luxury of unused space.


The Saxdor 320 is a revolution in outboard powered sports boats.

Working in conjunction with award winning design office J&J Design, Saxdor Yachts has created a performance hull that is seaworthy, safe, fun and easy to drive. The 320 is modern, sexy and sporty but with a high level of comfort and convenience at its heart.

Exquisitely designed, the Saxdor 320 series delivers fast, powerful outboard  performance and a refined, economical hull shape. Maximum power with a twin 300hp Mercury option will achieve a top speed of well over 50 knots with an optimum cruising band between 20 and 40 knots. 


Design at its Finest

Take to the seas with your own private floating island. Featuring an innovative main deck design, the GTC, like its sibling, the GTO, maximizes its internal living space with a wheelhouse that extends to the full beam of the boat. Yet, the GTC takes luxury a step further with its vast, insulated glazing, creating a luminous, cozy interior that defies the elements. 

This layout connects directly to the side terraces, adding practicality and crafting a serene, private island experience while at rest. Every inch is impeccably designed, balancing practicality with a sense of style that impresses at every glance.


Your Private Island

The Saxdor 400 GTO is a highly anticipated flagship model that embodies exceptional performance and cruising efficiency. Built on a twin-stepped hull and designed for twin outboard rigs, the Saxdor 400 GTO promises an outstanding on-water experience.

The open wheelhouse extends to the full beam of the boat, maximising internal living space and offering direct access to side terraces, a unique design feature that enhances the functionality of the balconies and creating a private island experience while at rest.


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