Next Generation High-Speed Interceptors

Innovation in design and engineering is at the core of our philosophy where we take pride in pioneering new features and solutions, like our signature center steering console, high performance hull and unique aft deck design. Also, we aim to pioneer and lead the deployment of hybrid engines and other sustainability solutions.

high performance vessel design

The strategy and aspiration for Marell is to grow in the patrol, coast guard and commercial segment internationally and become a world leading high performance vessel design and engineering company. This will be achieved through working in close collaboration with both demanding customers and leading maritime vendors in order to achieve unique and world-class vessel performance.

Boat Models

Marell M7

High-Speed, Versatile Platform

The M7 is designed to enable high-speed performance in heavy seas. Strong webs and longitudinal framing ensure extremely high hull performance at high speeds in rough weather conditions.

The navigation equipment and its layout are highly sophisticated with a central ergonomic helm together with easy access to all controls needed for high-speed driving and navigation.

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Marell M9

Uniquely Versatile

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The Marell M9 platform offers very high speeds up to 75+ knots and versatile usage for all customers, either in an open centre console or a closed cabin version. For commercial customers we offer two types of vessels: M9 Patrol and M9 Crew. The M9 can also be delivered in civilian versions as an M9 Custom or M9 Tender.

M9 Custom is an excellent craft for high demanding individuals and families that require elegance, high-speed and versatile usage, ranging from commuting to pleasure activities with family and friends.

Marell M12

An Evolution

The Marell M12 platform is an evolution of the M15 high-speed craft platform. A craft built for offshore challenges while also ideal for cruising and commuting. Our two initial M12s being delivered 2022 are customized for civilian usage as M12 Custom, and we can also offer an M12 Tender version. Moreover, for the commercial market, we offer three types of vessels: M12 Patrol, M12 Crew and M12 Tour.

M12 Custom is on purpose designed for coastal excursions, from island to island, from harbour to harbour, in open seas and in archipelagos. A comfortable interior with suspension seats combined with a robust and fine-tuned hull, designed to take on heavy seas without slamming, makes your driving smooth and safe at all speeds.

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Marell M15

Strong, light, efficient and versatile

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Marell M15 Patrol was the initial vessel produced during 2019 that was acquired and delivered to the Stockholm Sea Police in June 2020. Hurtigrutten Svalbard acquired an M15 Tour in January 2021, with the objective to offer their tourists an environmentally friendly, silent and unique experience. For commercial customers we offer four types of vessels: M15 Patrol, M15 SAR, M15 Crew and M15 Tour. The M15 can also be delivered in civilian versions as an M15 Custom or M15 Tender.

Marell M17

Even more power and stability

The Marell M17 platform is an extension of the M15 high-speed craft platform. It allows for additional driveline configurations with even more power and provides further stability and better performance in rough seas and weather. We offer commercial customers four types of vessels: M17 Patrol, M17 SAR, M17 Crew and M17 Tour.

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