Pedaling, Fitness, Fly on Water

The JetCycle Max is a world first: the only boat with pedals and foils that can fly on water up to 20 km/h just with your legs’ strength!


JetCycle Max

Genuine Innovation, 100% Mechanical Transmission

The JetCycle Max is a 100% human-powered, foiled, single boat. It is powered by a patented variable pitch propeller developed at USMB, which ensures high efficiency throughout the system’s speed range.

Key Features:
● Patented propulsion.
● 100% mechanical transmission.
● Foils designed specifically for the boat.

The pedal mount is easily adjustable to fit all pilot sizes. Human power is transferred to the propeller through a highly efficient drivetrain that travels inside the keel.  Two carbon-fibre wings provide the lift to fly over the water surface at an accessible pedalling effort.

The hull is built from composite materials through a vacuum infusion process, keeping the optimum balance between stiffness and lightness. Its unique design guarantees performance, safety and comfort.

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An Unprecedented Nautical Experience

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Discover the new E-JetCycle boat! A more accessible premium version for a sustainable and unprecedented nautical experience.

Our new boat is a game-changer in the world of water recreation. The E-JetCycle, with its sleek design and cutting-edge mechanical technologies, truly breaks the mold! It offers a unique water flying experience and uncompromised sailing pleasure while ensuring accessibility for a wider audience, thanks to its trimaran hull and electric assistance.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, the E-JetCycle opens up a new way of navigating: innovative, sustainable, and desirable.

Key Features :

  • Electric assistance for even more enjoyment and reduced effort
  • Long-lasting battery, up to 3 hours of autonomy, ideal for exploring and sailing in unique spots
  • Exceptional stability thanks to a trimaran hull with foiled floats
  • Intuitive flight and direction controls and an adjustable pedal system based on the user’s size
  • Environmentally friendly: no noise, no emissions, 100% Made in France

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