Remote Controlled Docking

Dockmate is the most reliable and accurate wireless remote docking system for your boat, made by boaters for boaters. 

stress-free docking

Let’s address the elephant in the room: docking can be a hassle. When confronted with new challenges, we sometimes lack a bit of confidence. The weather might be rougher than we had anticipated, and while entering new harbours and docks our stress levels can increase a little bit. How to best approach the dock? From where are the wind and current coming? Should I dock stern or bow first? 
With the waters more crowded and the rise of affordable state-of-the-art technology, we believe now is the time to revolutionise the way we dock. At Dockmate®, we feel it is our mission to give captains the confidence they need to go and explore the world by setting the world free from docking stress.

Our Products


Wireless Remote Controlled Docking System

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With industry leading technology the Dockmate® system provides a stress free docking experience.

You are able to leave the helm and get a closer look at your surroundings while still in complete control of the boat’s movement, resulting in total control during typical manoeuvring in marinas and tight quarters. 

Dockmate Remotes

Dockmate SINGLE

Manoeuvre your boat from any place on board. Control 1 engine, bow thruster, stern thruster, 1 or 2 anchor winches or windlasses, and horn with separate buttons.


Dockmate TWIN

Manoeuvre your boat from any place on board. Control 2 engines, bow thruster, stern thruster, 1 or 2 anchor winches or windlasses, and horn with separate buttons.


Dockmate RED

Developed as a budget solution for boats with the most common analogue controls (engine AND thrusters). Comes as SINGLE or TWIN (no TWIST or VECTOR available) Special features (Throttle+, SoftDocking, Engine Trick, …) are not available on these units.

The RED comes pre-configured with analogue idle speed engine modules and on/off thruster modules. One available option is single Anchor.


Dockmate TWIST

The TWIST can be fully customised to combine engine- and thruster control in 1 joystick. Moreover, the TWIST’s proportional 3-axis joystick can provide fully proportional speed control of the boat’s engines and thrusters. All the while offering the exact same feeling and response time as the boat’s engines and thruster controls.


Dockmate VECTOR

If you have a boat with Volvo Penta IPS or Zeus Pods, then the VECTOR transmitter is the one for you. The Dockmate® VECTOR offers a wireless extension of your boat’s joystick with the exact same feeling and response time.
The VECTOR can also be used on the Volvo Penta inboard joystick for Aquamatic Sterndrives and shafts.


Dockmate Positioning System

Navigate With Assurance

In 2024, Dockmate® will redefine the art of yacht control with the groundbreaking Dockmate Positioning System (DPS). Experience unparalleled stability at sea or in the marina with a revolutionary system that integrates the finesse of Dockmate’s wireless remote control systems with the precise accuracy of dynamic positioning.

Dockmate Positioning System is driven by an IMU unit (which includes a compass, accelerometer and gyroscope) and a DPS Receiver installed within the vessel, and connects to Dockmate GNSS antennas installed on the hardtop. It is designed for installation on any vessel with two engines and Dockmate compatible engine and thruster controls.

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