Innovative, Technological and Sustainable yachts

Amer Yachts is innovation, sustainability, quality, inclusion and trust. Amer Yachts offers excellent products by focusing on research and technologic al development while maintaining an empathetic and informal approach, enhancing the new generations and building lasting relationships with its suppliers and collaborators.

respect the sea, respect yourself

Amer Yachts introduce themselves as innovative, elegant, efficient and sustainable.

The Amer Yachts brand was born from the Amerio family’s passion for the sea and their desire to do business while respecting the environment and people.

The boats are attended to with the greatest of detail, from the choice of materials to the design in order to offer high-tech products that respect the environment and people.

40 years of handcrafted production considered a niche product with over 80 custom-built yachts.

Boat Models

Amer 950

A look into the Future

The entry-level AMER 950 was created to celebrate the first 50 years of activity and to seal the first 10 years of IPS system installation and faithful collaboration with the parent company Volvo Penta.

A hull that deviates from the traditional lines of Cantiere Permare to favor generous internal and external spaces, following the concept of adaptability and high comfort.
The concept of the suspended flybridge of Amer 120 is repeated on a smaller scale, making it possible to economize the production of composite material.

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Amer F100

Elegance and Technological Innovation

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Amer F 100 is a 29-meter yacht capable of a maximum speed of 30 knots, a cruising speed of 25 knots, and fuel consumption which, at an economic speed of 9.1 knots at 900 rpm, reaches 37 l/h, allowing 2088 miles of range.

The yacht has a sinuous and elegant livery, like a dress for special occasions, with attention to aesthetics but also in the construction technology that responds to the requests for future disposal at the end of its life.

The most characterizing element is the presence of large windows that allow abundant natural light to filter through, while offering picturesque panoramic views of the outside.

Amer 120

Modernity, sustainability and design

Amer 120 appears with a modern and characterizing line. This aspect comes from its structure that was conceived of in order to use less composite material, replacing it with metal and plate glass windows (two elements that are easily recyclable), reducing by four tons the composite material, which is limited to the hull and the structure of the flybridge.

The impression, when boarding, is of great brightness: the light penetrates inside from the large vertical windows that give the boat a very personal and refined style. The aft terrace (with a big whirlpool tub) and the grand living space in the cockpit become a unique out/indoors area. The decorative perspective focuses on the recovery of materials: cork flooring is used on the aft terrace.

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